(567d) Evaluation of Production of Ethanol and Biochemicals From Cellulosic Biomass Using Process Simulation Tools

Petrides, D., INTELLIGEN, INC.
Tsangaris, D., INTELLIGEN, INC.

Over the past three decades there has been intense investigation on the development of fuel producing processes that are based on the use of renewable agricultural materials as feedstock. This activity is driven primarily by the quest for fuel self-reliance and carbon oxides emission reductions. The main effort has been concentrated on bio-ethanol and bio-diesel which have been shown to give motor engine performance similar to that of conventional petroleum based fuels. In addition to product characteristics, however, process economics play an equally important role in any successful product commercialization. In this work, realistic process simulation models have been developed in order to analyze the economics of conversion of cellulosic biomass to ethanol and other biochemicals. This presentation will illustrate how such models can guide R&D work and facilitate process optimization.