(567ay) Biohybrid Multi-Enzyme Hydrogel for the Rapid Metabolism of Ethanol

Webster, D. M., Auburn University
Byrne, M. E., Auburn University
Chambers, R. P., Auburn University

A multi-enzyme biohybrid hydrogel was created for the rapid removal of ethanol. Multiple enzyme-carriers, including an alcohol dehydrogenase/aldehyde oxidase/NADH peroxidase system, an alcohol oxidase/aldehyde oxidase/catalase system, an alcohol oxidase/aldehyde dehydrogenase/catalase/lactate dehydrogenase system and an alcohol dehydrogenase/acetaldehyde dehydrogenase/lactate dehydrogenase system were investigated. The optimized multi-enzyme carrier was chosen using experimental data based on kinetic parameters of the individual enzymes.