(567aw) Ethanol Fermentation in a Yeast Immobilized Glass Channel Reactor

Eum, K. W., Korea University
Jin, S. C., Korea University
Kim, S. W., Korea University
Han, S. O., Korea University
Song, K. H., Korea University
Choe, J., LG Chemicals
Jung, Y. J., Korea University

Since there have been serious concerns on continuous rises in gas prices and depletion of oil resource in recent years, need for new energy is increasing. At this point of time, bio ethanol is a close energy which is replaceable with transport fuel, gasoline and can be processed with current constructed infrastructure. Current technique of bio ethanol energy production is invested and developed by advanced countries including United States, Germany, Japan, Brazil etc and they are far head of other countries. Particularly, bio ethanol is already commercialized in Brazil and 70 percent of a car uses an engine which the bio ethanol can be used. Traditionally bio ethanol produced in batch reactor. but Concentration of ethanol produced by batch reactor is low. and produced ethanol in the reactor hinder growth of yeast so to suppress ethanol production. Besides Needed Concentration of ethanol is more than 99% to use it as a fuel. so after treatment using distillation tower is needed. Because of this process cost of ethanol raise. In order to produce high concentration of bio ethanol, it is extremely important to research and develop bio-reaction systems and reactors that increase microorganism's tolerance of substrate, and byproduct. Also continuous fermentation and separation process are needed to improve yield and productivity. In this study, we set up continuous fermentation and separation system which consist of glass channel reactor that has immobilized yeast and silicalite membrane apparatus for separation. We investigated performance of bio ethanol production and concentration of bio ethanol.