(559b) Impregnated Layer Combustion Synthesis: a Novel Methodology to Prepare Multi-Component Catalysts, Fundamentals and Experiments

Kumar, A. - Presenter, University of Notre Dame
Mukasyan, A. - Presenter, University of Notre Dame
Wolf, E. E. - Presenter, University of Notre Dame

A novel method for catalysts preparation, referred as impregnated layer combustion synthesis (ILCS), developed to prepare complex catalysts containing metal oxide nano-particles (~10nm) will be presented. The ILCS method differ form the standard volume combustion synthesis (VCS) in that a substrate is impregnated with a reactive mixture containing a catalysts precursor such as mixtures of metal nitrates Mec (NO3)c -yH2O (where Me = metals) with a fuel such as glycine. In the ILCS method the substrate is a cellulose paper that adsorbs the reactive mixture and can also participate in the combustion process. Upon ignition, a combustion front develops which help to control the material properties of the resulting oxide catalyst. The propagation of the combustion front was monitored using high resolution infrared thermography (FLIR-SC6000) and a visible range camcorder to obtain the complete temperature distribution in the combustion front as well the phase development. Other characterization techniques such as XRD, TGA/DTA, SEM, EDS, BET are used to determine the phase composition of the material in the reaction front and the pathway leading to the nano-catalytic particles. Variations of the procedure combining several methods of combustion synthesis on porous supports will also be described. A model of energy transfer in the impregnated layer will be briefly described, which rationalizes the factors controlling the material properties during ILCS2. Finally the catalytic activity of the catalysts will be exemplified for the oxidative reforming of lighter alcohols to produce hydrogen.

A. Kumar, A. S. Mukasyan, E. E. Wolf, Appl. Catal. A: Gen. 372 (2010), pp. 175-183 2. A. Kumar, A. S. Mukasyan, E. E. Wolf,, Industrial Engineering Chemistry Research, In press.