(540d) Recent Advances In Pore-Network Modeling of Flow and Transport In Porous Media | AIChE

(540d) Recent Advances In Pore-Network Modeling of Flow and Transport In Porous Media


Hassanizadeh, S. M. - Presenter, Utrecht University
Joekar-Niasar, V. - Presenter, Utrecht University
Raoof, A. - Presenter, Utrecht University

Pore network models are valuable tools for the investigation of various flow and transport processes in porous media, and upscaling from pore to core scales. In this work, we present latest advances in the development of pore-network models for the study of non-equilibrium flow and transport. In particular, transient two-phase flow is studied using a dynamic pore-network model, which is proven to be robust under both drainage and imbibition conditions. The network elements have angular geometries, which allow the presence of both fluid phases and their flow within a pore. Two pressure fields, one for each fluid, are solved as a function of time. As a result, configurations of the two fluids are obtained at each time step. The network is long, simulating two-phase flow through a column. Results are averaged to obtain fields of average saturation, average pressures, and average interfacial area as a function of time and distance. These results are in turn used to investigate the validity of an extended form of Darcy's law involving fluid-fluid interfacial areas. Solute transport in unsaturated media is studied using a dedicated pore-network model, where both air and water are present, but only the flow of water and transport solute through it are modeled. Transport of adsorbing solutes is investigated and adsorption and transport parameters are found as a function of saturation and flow velocity.