(540c) From Multicomponent Crystallization to Formation of Complex Solids | AIChE

(540c) From Multicomponent Crystallization to Formation of Complex Solids


Ng, K. M. - Presenter, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

How to produce a solid with the desired chemical constituents, crystallinity, size, shape, morphology and purity is a challenging and diverse subject. On one end of the spectrum is multicomponent crystallization of commodity chemicals such as the recovery of potash from sylvinite and lithium carbonate from the brine in a salt lake. Towards the other end of the spectrum are high-value added complex solids such as the production of pharmaceutical polymorphs, core-shell quantum dots, and carbon-coated lithium iron phosphate nanoparticles as a cathode material. This presentation begins with an overview of our efforts on the development of processes for multicomponent crystallization. Solid-liquid equilibrium data are obtained with high throughput experimental techniques. The phase behavior is represented with high-dimensional phase diagrams which along with software tools provide a roadmap for recovering the desirable component(s). A complete process with emphasis on impurity management and solids handling is then developed with systematic methods that integrate experiments, synthesis and modeling. Our current effort on the extension of this approach to complex solids is then discussed. Examples on pharmaceuticals, natural products, nanomaterials and electronic materials are used to illustrate this approach.