(521d) Assessing Nanoparticle Toxicity with Micro Cell Culture Analogs

Esch, M. B. - Presenter, Syracuse University
Shuler, M. L. - Presenter, Cornell University
Mahler, G. J. - Presenter, Cornell University

We have developed a micro cell culture analog (μCCA) device and used it in combination with a fluidic cell culture model of the intestinal epithelium to simulate the absorption and first pass metabolism of 50 nm carboxylated latex particles. The intestinal epithelium presented an effective barrier to the majority of particles. However, at high doses - estimated in terms of possible daily human consumption ? we measured an increased release of aspartate transminase (AST), an enzyme that indicates liver cell damage. On chip membranes and electrodes also allow us to measure possible damage to the intestinal barrier tissue. Future devices will contain on-chip detection mechanisms for real time AST release measurements.