(495a) Framework for Selecting Thin-Cake Candle Filter Technology for Removing Solid Contaminant Fines From Recirculating Scrubbing and Grey Water Fluid Streams

Perlmutter, B. A., BHS-Filtration Inc.

The need for filtration systems in scrubbing units and grey water systems has been well documented. Filtration provides the benefits of reduced hot spots in the regenerator reboiler, reduced heat exchanger fouling and reduction of foaming in the absorbers. Further, for water scrubbing or grey water, filtration provides for clean water for recirculation, recycle or disposal. This paper discusses thin-cake candle filter technology that is used to remove trace amounts of solid contaminant fines from these fluid streams. These contaminants originate from various sources and are generally less than 1 micron in size, which makes their removal very difficult. Candle filter technology and the process of thin-cake building, is a new approach that is employed for high-efficiency and cost-effective fines removal.



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