(452a) Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oils From High Protein Containing Feedstocks | AIChE

(452a) Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oils From High Protein Containing Feedstocks


Mullen, C. A. - Presenter, Eastern Regional Research Center, Agricultural Research Service, USDA
Boateng, A. A. - Presenter, Crop Conversion Science & Engineering, Agricultural Research Service

Typically biomass considered for conversion to biofuels is comprised mostly of carbohydrates and lignin, with small amounts of other materials such as protein, lipids, and ash. Fast pyrolysis of such lignocellulosic materials generally produces bio-oils that are acidic, thermally unstable and have approximately half the energy content of petroleum fuels. However, the properties of bio-oils produced from biomass that contains a higher percentage of protein are different. Fast pyrolysis was performed on several high protein feedstocks, including distiller's grains with solubles (DDGS) from grain fermentation to ethanol, extracted oil seeds (pennycress, camelina), and animal rendering by-product. We found that during the pyrolytic breakdown of protein, basic organo-nitrogen compounds are formed and therefore the bio-oils have a higher pH and lower acid number than typical bio-oils. They also tend to have higher energy contents than wood pyrolysis oils. In this presentation, the results of these experiments, including mass and energy balances, carbon conversion efficiencies, and detailed product characterizations will be presented. Bio-oil chemical characterizations include elemental analysis, GC/MS, GPC, NMR and stability assessments. The fuel properties of the bio-oils including heating values and viscosities will also be presented. Finally, the bio-char co-products of high protein feedstocks will be compared with bio-chars from wood-like feedstocks.