(334d) Acid Gas Capture Using CO2-Binding Organic Liquids

Zheng, F. - Presenter, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Heldebrant, D. - Presenter, Pacific Northwest National Lab
Koech, P. - Presenter, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Rainbolt, J. - Presenter, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

CO2-binding organic liquids (CO2BOLs) are combinations of liquid organic bases and alcohols that reversibly bind CO2, COS, CS2 and SO2 chemically to form reversible ionic and reversible zwitterionic liquids. Because the acid gas carriers in CO2BOLs chemically bind acid gases as liquid salts CO2BOLs can have high gas weight capacities (19% CO2, 43% SO2). Each acid gas can be thermally stripped from this system delivering an organic solvent system designed for a chemically selective reversible acid gas capture system that can be more efficient than conventional aqueous amine scrubbers. Development of CO2BOLs has allowed for the design of a system suitable for CO2 and SO2 capture under dilute gas streams making them applicable to post-combustion CO2 capture and reversible flue gas desulfurization. Solvent lifetime test results over multiple absorption-regeneration cycles will also be provided.