(278c) Investigation in the Reduction of Run-off and Infiltration Characteristics On Vegetated Roofs

Jones, T., University of Alabama at Birmingham
Peters, R. W., University of Alabama at Birmingham

Rainfall intensities vary frequently, resulting in varying amounts of infiltration and surface run-off. Despite the variance in the intensity and duration of rainfall, research shows that the result of rainfall striking impervious surfaces results in surface run-off. To study this phenomenon, green roofs will be constructed to monitor and record the reduction of run-off and infiltration response. The Southeastern region generally experiences conditions of higher amounts of rainfall and higher average temperatures. The occurrence of low temperatures and snow occur seldom. Consistent high temperatures are expected to be recorded. Research on the potential effects of green roofs on the reduction of surface run-off and infiltration in the Southeastern region is necessary. The objectives of this experiment are to design sustainable green roofs, reduce the amount of run-off, utilize innovative green roof soil substrates incorporated with construction waste, and record the infiltration characteristics.


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