(271e) Bibliography of Dr. Michael Schultes | AIChE

(271e) Bibliography of Dr. Michael Schultes


Resetarits, M. R. - Presenter, Fractionation Research, Inc.
Cai, T. J. - Presenter, Fractionation Research, Inc.
Shariat, A. - Presenter, Fractionation Research, Inc.

Dr. Michael Schultes' career in mass transfer began in 1986 when he started work on his PhD thesis under the expert guidance of Professor Reinhard Billet at Ruhr-University Bochum. Subsequent to that, 36 articles were authored for international journals and 50 lectures were given at international conferences. Dr. Schultes authored a book entitled Abgasreinigung regarding waste gas treatment. He holds 25 patents including those related to Raschig Super-Rings® and Raschig Super-Pak®. He helps to lead global separation research via his positions on the FRI Technical Committee and as Co-Chair of the German Society of Chemical Engineering. He has few peers regarding the mass transfer and hydraulics of columns containing random and structured packings. This presentation summarizes some of Dr. Schultes' most important contributions to distillation, absorption and desorption.