(271c) Consistent Measurements of Hydraulic and Mass Transfer Design Parameters

Seibert, A. F., The University of Texas at Austin
Perry, M., University of Texas at Austin
Wang, C., University of Texas at Austin
Fair, J. R., University of Texas at Austin

Packing is widely used in distillation, stripping, and scrubbing processes because of its relatively low pressure drop, good mass transfer efficiency, and ease of installation. Experimental studies at the Separations Research Program (SRP) continue to focus on developing improved hydraulic and mass transfer models. The objective of a current SRP project is obtaining a database of consistent measurements of packing pressure drop, fractional liquid hold-up, effective gas/liquid mass transfer area, gas film and liquid film mass transfer coefficients. Measurement methods and a discussion of end effect contributions to the mass transfer measurements will be discussed. Preliminary data obtained from a 0.43 m diameter column using several structured and random packings including the Raschig-Jaeger RSP250 and RSR#0.5 will be presented.