(247g) Chemical Plant Design: Scope, Organization and Evaluation of Semester-Long Projects

Dahm, K. D. - Presenter, Rowan University

This paper will outline the approach to teaching capstone design that has been employed at Rowan University for the past five years.

At Rowan, Chemical Plant Design is the second course in a two-course sequence, following a course on design of individual chemical process components. The Chemical Plant Design course is structured around a single design project completed in teams of 4-5. There are five graded deliverables: three progress reports, a final design report and a final presentation. A different project is used every year, but the scope and expectations for each of the five deliverables are applicable to most any process design project and are the same every year.

This presentation will discuss the attributes of a good project, the specific expectations for each deliverable, and the rubrics used to grade the projects.