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(247f) Steal This Course: Material and Energy Balances


Bullard, L. - Presenter, North Carolina State University
Dickey, M. D. - Presenter, North Carolina State University

The material and energy balance course, sometimes referred to as the ?stoichiometry course,? is typically the gateway course in chemical engineering. It is the students' first exposure to the integration of chemistry, math, physics, and biology within the context of current chemical engineering practice, and their experience in the course often determines whether they will persist in the major. The authors have developed and compiled a comprehensive set of instructor resources which are available on a publicly accessible web site. Although most of these resources are linked to chapters in Felder and Rousseau's text, Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, they are also useful for instructors using other texts. These resources include ?lecture notes with gaps? (and instructor solutions, available from the authors) that can be used as a student coursepack or as an instructor reference. Ideas are compiled for each chapter of the text, including assignments, demonstrations, potential homework problems, illustrative videos links, and relevant analogies. Creative course ideas are included, as well as Engineering Jeopardy-based test reviews. Administrative materials include an illustrative course web site (with an example syllabus), guidelines for test proctors, boilerplate emails that are frequently needed, and a TA memo on grading and expectations. It is the authors' hope that these resources will improve both the instructor and the student experience in the material and energy balance course.


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