(244a) Latest Advances in Drilling CBM(Coal Bed Methane) Wells

Balachandran, G. - Presenter, Amet university


The aim of this paper is to study the challenges and technologies in Drilling the CBM (Coal Bed Methane) wells.Conventional gas will be found after drilling depths upto 7000 m But CBM wells gas will be found at depths of 400m-1000m.therefore these shallower depths make it possible to use smaller more mobile trucks,mounted Rigs in comparison with those used for conventional gas wells.

The majority of the wells project use vertical drilling to develop fields.On the otherhand key advantage of horizontal well is that fewer wells are required relative to vertical wells.Horizontal wells are able to track Coal seams and can access more coal and produce more gas.the main drawbacks with horizontal wells are:technically more difficult to drill and are more expensive than vertical wells.

The other processes which will be discussed on this paper are:hydraulic fracturing of CBM wells,Well completion and gas gathering. As CBM becomes more widespread in USA and Australia,a number of issues are impacting the oil and gas industry.these issues include water disposals,land access,licenses and methane loss to atmosphere.

CBM is an attractive industry for upstream oil companies and a number of opportunities exists for other countries wishing to invest in this sector.

Key words: Coal Bed Methane(CBM), VD-Vertical drilling HW-Hoizontal wells

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