(240d) Process Intensification - An Industrial Perspective | AIChE

(240d) Process Intensification - An Industrial Perspective


Dixit, R. - Presenter, The Dow Chemical Company
Pendergast, J. - Presenter, The Dow Chemical Company

There are many challenges faced by the chemical industry such as high energy costs, rapidly escalating prices due to materials cost, developing alternative feedstocks strategies, and more. All of these problems challenge the sustainability of the chemical process industries. The process intensification is seen as a powerful and enabling tool for developing process options that are more sustainable, having both reduced energy and capital requirements. This talk will highlight the motivations and some success stories regarding the development of process intensification options. Barriers to implementation of process intensification from an industrial perspective will also be presented. This talk will focus on how various process intensification methodologies are applied at Dow to drive product and process research. Examples will be given covering areas such as multifunctional reactors and enhanced separations.


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