(232c) Cooling Coil Effects On Mixing in a Scaled Tank

Leishear, R. A. - Presenter, Savannah River National Laboratory
Poirier, M. - Presenter, Savannah River National Laboratory
Mark, F. - Presenter, Savannah River National Laboratory
Tim, S. - Presenter, Savannah River National Laboratory

To better understand the mixing effects due to cooling coils and pump operation in 1.3 million gallon nuclear waste tanks, a 1/10.85 scale model was constructed. The 8 foot diameter model included hundreds of scaled down, 1/4 inch diameter, cooling coils, which represented several miles of vertical, two inch diameter, serpentine full scale cooling coils. In the full scale, 85 foot diameter tank, the vertical cooling pipes are located on approximately 3 foot centers. Waste tank contents are planned to be mixed, using a centrifugal pump. To evaluate the effectiveness of the full scale pump, a scaled down pump was used with the tank model. Various effects on mixing were investigated, such as: the pump orientation with respect to the tank center line, changes in flow rates, pump nozzle diameter, and installed or removed cooling coils. By adding acids or bases at the same tank location, pH probes were used to monitor and establish 95% mixing times, which were used as a comparison criteria for each test variable. The nozzle discharge velocity and diameter (UoD) were used for scaling from test results to full scale.

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