(230c) Three-Dimensional Multispecies Nonlinear Tumor Growth | AIChE

(230c) Three-Dimensional Multispecies Nonlinear Tumor Growth


Jin, F. - Presenter, University of California, Irvine
Chuang, Y. - Presenter, The University of Texas Health Science Center
Wise, S. - Presenter, University of Tennessee
Cristini, V. - Presenter, University of New Mexico

We study nonlinear tumor growth in 3D by tracking of multiple viable cell species populations through a continuum diffuse-interface approach, onset and aging of discrete tumor vessels through angiogenesis, and incorporation of individual cell movement using a hybrid continuum-discrete approach. We investigate disease progression as a function of cellular-scale parameters such as proliferation and oxygen/nutrient uptake rates. We find that heterogeneity in the physiologically complex tumor microenvironment, caused by non-uniform distribution of oxygen, cell nutrients, and metabolites, as well as phenotypic changes affecting cellular-scale parameters, can be quantitatively linked to the tumor macro-scale as a mechanism that promotes morphological instability. This instability leads to invasion through tumor infiltration of surrounding healthy tissue. Models that employ a biologically- founded, multi-scale approach, as illustrated in this work, could help to quantitatively link the critical effect of heterogeneity in the tumor microenvironment with clinically observed tumor growth and invasion. Using patient tumor-specific parameter values, this approach may provide a predictive tool to characterize the complex in vivo tumor physiological characteristics and clinical response, and thus lead to improved treatment modalities and prognosis.