(22d) Gas-Solid Fluidization In Mini- and Micro-Channels

Wang, F., The Ohio State University
Fan, L., The Ohio State University

Miniaturization of chemical reactors provides unique operational characteristics and applications counter to the regular and large reactor systems. Some studies have been reported on the gas-solid fluidization in channels with an inner diameter of several centimeters. With further decrease in the fluidized bed size, the wall effects on gas-solid fluidization properties would significantly enhance. Little is known on gas-solid fluidization conducted in mini- and micro-channels with an inner diameter of several hundred microns to several millimeters. In this study, a number of mini- and micro-channels and a visualization system are developed for the investigation of the wall effects on the gas-solid fluidization properties including bed expansion and regime transition velocities in these mini- and micro-channels. These properties are analyzed and discussed in the context of correlation equations reported from large fluidized beds.