(220f) Simulation of Coal Gasifier in UniSim® Design | AIChE

(220f) Simulation of Coal Gasifier in UniSim® Design


Shen, J. - Presenter, HON Integrated Tech (CHN) CoLt
Tong, S. - Presenter, Honeywell Limited
Sanjoy, S. - Presenter, Honeywell Limited
Wang, L. - Presenter, Honeywell Limited


Gasifier is a key unit operation in modern clean coal technology development initiative. Rigorous simulation of Gasifier unit operation is complicated. It requires accurate characterization of coal properties and detailed representation of gasification reaction models for each section of the gasifier. Typically, gasifier unit operation is simulated by combining multiple discrete unit operation models in a flow sheet simulator. Presented in this paper is an integrated solution, developed in UniSim Design process simulator, to model coal gasifier operation as a single unit. It has the flexibility to operate in both steady state and dynamic modes with high degree of fidelity. In this model, engineers can easily configure various industrial coal gasifier operations without the need of providing input for the complicated and usually proprietary model details of the gasification reaction network. This paper will also describe a new tool developed for coal property characterization.