(188f) Meso-Tritolylcorrole/Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Donor-Acceptor Heterojunction and Its Application in Ultra-Sensitive NO2 Detection

Wang, Y., University of Connecticut
Akhigbe, J., University of Connecticut
Yu, D., University of Connecticut
Brückner, C., University of Connecticut
Lei, Y., University of Connecticut

Corroles, which contain 18-π electron system and pyrrole nitrogens as electron donor atoms (N4 cores), process great ability to form an ordered donor-acceptor heterojunction (p-n junction) with electron deficient materials. In this report, meso-tritolylcorrole (TTC) will be noncovalently immobilized on SWNT networks through g-g stacking form donor-acceptor junction. The hybrid material will be characterized by optical image, UV-Vis, I-V curves, and the enhanced sensitivity toward NO2 detection will be investigated. The donor-acceptor structure of TTC/SWNTs is expected to be able to facilitate exciton dissociation and charge transfer, thus enhancing the sensitivity in gas sensing.