(188b) Manipulation of Microstructures of Energetic Materials | AIChE

(188b) Manipulation of Microstructures of Energetic Materials


Zhang, G. - Presenter, Texas Tech University
Weeks, B. L. - Presenter, Texas Tech University

Energetic materials research has been attracted a lot of attention due to its wide application in mining, demolition, and military warheads. There is a contradiction between the output performance and the handling stability and storage safety. However, the size, distribution and continuity of the hot-spot inside of the explosive depend on the voids size, shapes. Thus, the output performance can be tailored by manipulating the cavity microstructures at the micro meter scale. In this study, several methods of manipulate microstructures of energetic materials, such as nano lithography, top down patterning, sol-gel method and polymer composite have been reviewed and new engineering methods have been proposed. The output performance of the energetic materials can be tailored as desired requirement.