(185i) Peptide Ligands for Affinity Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies

Naik, A. D., North Carolina State University
Menegatti, S., North Carolina State University
Carbonell, R. G., Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science, NC State University

Linear hexameric peptide ligands, HWRGWV, HYFKFD and HFRRHL have been identified for purification of IgG using a three step screening procedure of combinatorial solid phase peptide libraries. The unique nature of peptides to bind specifically to the Fc region of IgG is described in this work. This work further demonstrates the applicability of the peptide resins for purification of two different commercial monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) from CHO cell culture supernatants. The purity and yield obtained for both the MAbs is around 95% and 85% respectively, which match very well with results obtained with a Protein A capture column. The host cell protein (HCP) and DNA reduction obtained by the peptide ligands is also similar to Protein A. The dynamic binding capacities of the peptide resins for MAbs are around 20mg/ml. The peptide resins can be reused for a number of purification cycles without loss in performance.