(185h) Recovery of Li and Co From Waste Li-Ion Batteries Using Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis with a Complexing Agent

Yanagisawa, Y., The University of Tokyo
Nagasawa, H., The University of Tokyo
Iizuka, A., Tohoku University
Yamasaki, A., Seikei University
Yamashita, Y., The University of Tokyo

A new recovery process of lithium and cobalt in waste Li-ion batteries was investigated using a bipolar membrane electrodialysis (BMED). To make the mutual separation of lithium and cobalt available, BMED treatment was performed in the presence of complexing agent such as EDTA. When the pH of the solution is 5 ? 8, in the presence of EDTA, while lithium exists in the form of monovalent cation (Li+), cobalt exists in the form of divalent anion complex with EDTA (CoY2-). Therefore, under this condition, Li+ is separated through cation exchange membrane and CoY2- is separated through anion exchange membrane. The experimental studies was conducted with a solution containing LiNO3, Co(NO3)2 and EDTA. The effects of initial pH, concentration EDTA, and current density on the separation efficiency was evaluated.