(127b) Characteristics of Aminosilicones Used for CO2 Capture

Genovese, S. - Presenter, General Electric
Wood, B. R. - Presenter, General Electric
Perry, R. J. - Presenter, General Electric
O'Brien, M. - Presenter, General Electric

This work describes the characterization of the material and CO2 absorption characteristics of a new class of CO2 absorption liquids. Mixtures of aminosilicones and hydroxyethers were shown to have improved dynamic CO2 capture capacities compared to more common CO2 capture solvents such as 30% MEA. Isotherms and other measured properties were used to calculate the cost of electricity using a CO2 capture system model integrated into a pulverized coal-fired power plant system. Systems for study in a lab-scale continuous absorption / desorption apparatus were based on these results.