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(126i) Multiphase Turbulence


Benard, A. - Presenter, Michigan State University
Petty, C. - Presenter, Michigan State University
Koppula, K. S. - Presenter, Michigan State University

The Reynolds averaged mixture (RAM-) model relates the mean mixture momentum per unit mass to the mean mixture density, the mean mixture Cauchy stress, and the Reynolds stress induced by fluctuations in the mixture velocity (Manninen et al., 1996). Koppula et al. (2009) recently developed a closure model for the single phase normalized Reynolds (NR-) stress as a non-negative mapping of the NR-stress into itself. In this paper, this single phase theory is extended to turbulent flows of multiphase fluids. References: Koppula, K.S., A. Bénard, and C. A. Petty, 2009, ?Realizable Algebraic Reynolds Stress Closure?, Chemical Engineering Science, 64, 4611-4624. Manninen, M., V. Taivassalo, and S. Kallio, 1996, ?On the Mixture Model for Multiphase Flow?, Technical Research Centre of Finland, VTT Publication 288, 67 pages.


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