(113b) Soft-Template Synthesized Ordered Mesoporous Carbon Counter Electrodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Chun, J., Pohang university of science and technology
Ramasamy, E., Pohang university of science and technology
Lee, J., Pohang University of Science and Technology

Ordered mesoporous carbon (OMC) with a high surface area (~1575 m2/g) and bimodal pores (2.5 nm and 6.1nm) was synthesized using a soft-template method employing triblock copolymer F127 as the structure directing agent and then applied as a low temperature processable counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells. The OMC counter electrode-based DSSC shows an energy conversion efficiency of 7.46%, whereas that of a Vulcan XC72 counter electrode is 4.30%. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy analysis reveals decreased charge transfer resistance at the OMC counter electrode-electrolyte interface, thus improved fill factor and energy conversion efficiency.