(100a) Adsorbents for Hydrogen Delivery | AIChE

(100a) Adsorbents for Hydrogen Delivery


Barth, F. - Presenter, Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy
Houle, S. - Presenter, Air Liquide Canada
Chen, Y. - Presenter, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Chahine, R. - Presenter, Hydrogen Research Institute

Hydrogen storage systems based on adsorbents are analyzed starting with a review of adsorbents and their properties. The storage capacity is dependent not only on the gravimetric capacity of adsorbents but also on their bulk density, the tank weight, and other parameters related to their operation. Since most adsorbents have a high capacity at low temperature, it is necessary to operate tanks at low temperature and preferable to fill them with cold hydrogen. Filling systems that can accomplish this are discussed. The potential performance of adsorbent-based storage and delivery systems are compared to commercial technologies.