(88i) Chemical Engineering Curriculum Development in Russia and Kazakhstan

Simons, S. - Presenter, University College London
Mikhalovsky, S. - Presenter, University of Brighton
Kuvshinov, G. - Presenter, Novosibirsk State Technical University
Yeligbayeva, G. - Presenter, Kazakh National Technical University

The collapse of the former Soviet Union and the transition of the new independent states to market economies has highlighted the need for a radical overhaul of the higher education system, particularly in engineering sciences. Due to national requirements, in regards to human development and economic growth, chemical engineering has been highlighted as a key discipline that must be modernised to provide qualified home-grown talent to run the highly technical facilities required to bring about the goals of energy security, increased life expectancy and sustainability. Several universities and organisations across Europe and the CIS are now collaborating to develop modern chemical engineering degree programmes at key institutions in Kazakhstan and Russia. The ultimate goal is for these new programmes to gain international recognition for the quality of the education and for the discipline as a whole.