(87d) DEM Simulations of Cylindrical Particles – Contact Detection Algorithms and Validation Studies

Kodam, M., Purdue University
Bharadwaj, R., Pfizer Inc.

In this study, algorithms are presented for determining if two cylinders, or a cylinder and an infinite plane, are in contact. In all, ten contact scenarios are examined involving the cylinder components (i.e. faces, band, and edges). In addition to checking for contact, relations for determining the contact location, overlap, and unit normal vector are also presented. DEM implementations of these algorithms are compared to an analytical solution for the post-collision translational and angular velocity for a single cylinder. Comparisons are also made to experimental measurements of the fractional residence time of a cylindrical object in a friability tester, and the solid fraction of the random packing of cylinders in a container. Comparisons to glued sphere representations of a cylinder are also made.