(62ad) Dynamic Pressure Measurements in Trophoblast Cells

Jones, A. L. - Presenter, Brown University
McCalla, S. E. - Presenter, Brown University
Tripathi, A. - Presenter, Brown University
Robins, J. - Presenter, Women and Infants Hospical

Blastocyst formation is critical for early embryo development and implantation. Trophoblast cell differentiation in the blastocyst can impact several diseases of pregnancy including preeclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction. Unfortunately, few models exist to adequately study these complicated events. In this work, we will explore that mechanisms by which the trophoblast vesicle forms. We hypothesize that the acellular centers of the vesicles contain fluid under pressure. To prove this, we will measure intra-vesicle pressure using a highly sensitive sensor developed and patented by the investigators. Using this technique functional trophoblast vesicles, developed using prototype bioreactors can be tested by altering the shape, size, number of cells and culture conditions. This work will assist the final goal of producing spherical vesicles that preferentially differentiate into extra-villous trophoblast cells, the cells that predominate in blastocysts and are responsible for embryo attachment and implantation.