(603d) Fabrication, Commercialization, and Economics of Biosensors | AIChE

(603d) Fabrication, Commercialization, and Economics of Biosensors


Eni-Olorunda, I. - Presenter, University of Mississippi
Sadana, A. - Presenter, University of Mississippi

Fabrication and how it affects the economics and manufacturing of biosensors will be presented. Fabrication and manufacturing techniques will be examined, and the key requirements to ensure reproducibility during the manufacturing process will be presented. Examples will be presented for the above. Also examples wil be provided that indicate the coupling of molecular methods with newer fabrication techniques and how they lead to newer platforms. Microfabrication has led to the miniaturization of biosensors. Nanotechnology and microfabrication techniques will have a direct impact on biosensor development and subsequent commercialization. Examples will be provided. However, high throughput manufacturing of biosensors still remains a challenge. Constraints will be identified. Recognize that this type of information is very difficult to obtain in the open literature. This type of information is presumably available, but in expensive reports, that cost thousands of dollars. It is the intent of the presentation to provide a perspective of fabrication techniques, and how each of them influence the commercialization and economics of biosensors, which should lead to a stimulating (though short) question and answer session.