(590c) Modelling of Gas Solubilities in Certain Ionic Liquids Using a Group Contribution Equation of State

Peters, C. J., Petroleum Institute
Pereda, S., PLAPIQUI

This study presents the results of the thermodynamic modeling of gas solubilities in the homologous [-mim][Tf2N] family using a Group Contribution Equation of State (GC-EoS). The model parameters were estimated on the basis of 1400 experimental data points in the temperature range 278-460 K and pressures up to 45 bar. Results show that the GC-EoS is a suitable model to describe gas solubilities in this family of room temperature ionic liquids. The solubility of various gases like CO2, H2, CH4 and CO were studied. It was found that the IL-family under study has an excellent solvent power for CO2. However, the solubility of H2, CH4 and CO is very limited. Comparison with experimental data show excellent agreement with model predictions.