(523a) Optimization and Heat Integration of An IGCC Plant with Chemical Looping Combustion

Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) system using chemical looping combustion is an important approach for future energy options. This work focuses on the multiobjective optimization and water gas shift (WGS) reaction heat integration using ASPEN Plus, ASPEN energy analyzer and CAPE-OPEN compliant capabilities for multiobjective optimization and MINLP process synthesis developed by Vishwamitra Research Institute. The feasible operating surface for the IGCC system is generated and deterministic multiobjective optimization is performed. Since the feasible operating space is highly non-convex, heuristics based techniques that do not require gradient information are used to generate the Pareto (trade-off) surface. Heat integration for the WGS reaction section of the process is necessary for generating steam required as reactant. ASPEN energy analyzer was employed to generate different heat exchange networks that were combined in a supersturcture. Then MINLP compliant process synthesis capability was employed to obtain the optimal design of the this particular heat exchange network synthesis problem.