(51d) Managing A Successful Project - Owner Vs Contractor Approach

For any given project, from the initiation or conceptualization to the completion of the project there are two groups involved. These two groups are:

1) The Owner, most often an operating company and

2) The contractor who is selected by the owner to execute the project with a well defined scope of work (with defined budget and schedule)

Depending on the scope of work and the type of contract in existence, the involvement of the owner with the contractor can vary from a minimum level to a substantial level of involvent to drive the project to a successful completion. Often the interest and driving forces of the above two groups may be in conflict

In this paper the criteria of a successful project will be examined together with highlighting of the potential conflicts between the two groups. This will then be followed by examining how an alignment of the attributes and driving forces of the two groups when achieved from the very outset could lead to a successful execution of any project.


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