(439d) Adsorption of Warfare Simulants with Ordered Porous Materials | AIChE

(439d) Adsorption of Warfare Simulants with Ordered Porous Materials


Selbe, T. J. - Presenter, Kansas State University
Hohn, K. L. - Presenter, Kansa State University

This presentation will report our findings of the adorption of several chemical warfare agent simulants (CWAs) using ordered microporous and mesoporous materials. Zeolites and zeolite-like materials have well-ordered structures and pores. They have varying capacities for molecules based upon size, functional groups, polarity, and intermolecular and intramolecular forces. Zeolites, therefore, can be used as highly specific coatings on sensing devices. CWAs have a diverse range of features that pose threats to humans. CWAs can blister skin, attack the human nervous system, and deplete oxygen supply. The various features and functionalities in CWAs lead to different adsorption capabilities in zeolites. Evaluating the uptake in microporous and mesoporous zeolitic materials can help to quickly identify and isolate structural features in CWAs without the need for human presence in a contaminated area. We will report the uptake of several CWA simulants with microporous and mesoporous materials including: ZSM-5, VPI-7, VPI-9, zeolite 13X, and zeolite 4A.