(433f) Identification SYSTEM Laboratory, A Key Tool IN Thermodynamics Theory

Altamar, A. - Presenter, Universidad Libre de Colombia
Rivera, I. - Presenter, Universidad Libre
Tirano, J. - Presenter, Universidad de los Andes

Concepts like isothermal, isobaric, adiabatic process, state or path variables, intensive or extensive variables, are reinforced with this practice. Before practice a survey is made between students in order to assess if the concepts are clear. Then different kinds of thermodynamics systems, (usually 6 or 8) are shown to the students and they have ten minutes for answer some question for each system. In some systems the student measure some variables flux, temperature or pressure

Questions such as, what is the system? What are the boundaries? What equation is available for this process? How many freedom degrees? How is the diagram? Etc, are formulated to the lab groups. The answers are reported at the end of the practice some research question are formulated.

This lab practice have been used for students of mechanical, environmental, chemical and postgraduates engineering student with good result in the task of reinforce the thermodynamics concepts.


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