(419d) Nanoengineered Transparent Metallic Nanofibrous Membrane and Its Application for Humidity Sensing

Jia, W., University of Connecticut
Wang, Y., University of Connecticut
Basu, J., University of Connecticut
Strout, T., University of Connecticut
Carter, C. B., University of Connecticut
Lei, Y., University of Connecticut

Transparent metallic nanofibrous membranes of Au, Pd, Pt, Ni, Ag and Au-Pd alloy have been successfully fabricated. The as-prepared samples were characterized by SEM, TEM, FT-IR, and the results reveal that the metallic nanofibers consist of a lot of metal nanoparticles held together. The as-prepared transparent metallic nanofibrous membranes show good mechanical and conductive properties, and offer an excellent sensing platform. Its application for humidity detection is demonstrated and the developed humidity sensor exhibits fast response, excellent recovery behavior, and good sensitivity.