(237a) Mass Transfer Characterisitics of a Novel Gas-Liquid Contactor

Muthinti, G. R., Clarkson University
Jachuck, R. J., Clarkson University

Rotating horizontal cylinder(RHC) is one of the upcoming intensified modules in the field of process intensification. There is not much literature available on the mass transfer studies in a rotating tube. Thin hydraulic path lengths are obtained in a rotating tube in comparison to the conventional mass transfer equipments. This enhances the rate of mass transfer by orders of magnitude which is one of the important aspects of process intensification. The main aim of this paper is to determine the mass-transfer characteristics of the horizontal rotating tube in continuous mode and compare it with other intensified modules and traditional gas-liquid contactors. Experiments have been carried out with deionized water as liquid phase and pure nitrogen as the gas phase to study the stripping of dissolved oxygen from liquid to gas phase.