(122d) ITEST: Green Energy Technologies in the City | AIChE

(122d) ITEST: Green Energy Technologies in the City


Calabrese Baraton, S. - Presenter, Michigan State University
Calabrese Barton, A. - Presenter, Michigan State University
Tan, E. - Presenter, Michigan State University
Levine Rose, S. - Presenter, Michigan State University

Green Energy Technologies in the City (GET City) is a year round program for youth focused on the science and engineering of energy sustainability using advanced information technologies. The program provides youth opportunities to develop scientific research skills and conceptual understanding related to energy technologies, production and sustainability. During the 2007-2008 year, participants investigated the concept of urban heat islands and to what extent it applied to their home town of Lansing, MI. They created a digital video documentaries showcasing their findings, which were presented to an audience at Michigan State University. They also created public service announcements which aired on local network television that focused on key findings from their investigations into energy supply and demand issues (oil production and use and its environmental impact in terms of carbon emissions) comparing contemporary practices to those of previous generations and projecting what might happen two generations into the future. Recently, we have focused on a proposed new coal-based power plant for Lansing, the economic and environmental aspects of the decision-making process, and the alternatives available, including alternative energy sources and conservation. This talk will provide an overview of the GET City program, describing how information technology provides participating youth with the tools to communicate a coherent and engaging story-line to broader audiences, situating the youth as "community science experts".