One Hundred Years of Environmental Law and Policy: Water | AIChE

One Hundred Years of Environmental Law and Policy: Water


Assaf-Anid, N. M., Manhattan College

The regulation of water resources (both quality and quantity) is one of the most significant and dynamic environmental issues in the United States. Water is and has been affected by agricultural activities, industrial activities, the growth of urban populations, and global climate change. In response, the regulation of water in the United States has evolved significantly over many years. This session will address the history of water regulation over the last 100 years from the standpoint of policy, law and science. Speakers will individually address the history and policy behind water quality regulation, the history and policy behind water resources regulation (quantity and use), interstate regulation of waters, and the application of science and engineering to address the challenges of water regulation over the years. Because the future of water regulation is likely to change in the coming years, (global climate change, for example, may have the most profound impact yet on future water regulation), an understanding of the history/science of water regulation is critical in assessing current and future water needs and contributing to solutions. This session will provide a solid basis for that understanding.



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