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Environmental Aspects of Biofuels I


Shockley, C., ExxonMobil Research & Engineering

Government, private and industry sectors are actively working to address the challenges associated with biofuels development through research on new technologies and pathways to convert various biomass feedstocks into petroleum substitutes. The goal of the PERF Meeting on Biofuels is to examine the state of "second generation" biofuel alternatives in order to promote research, and develop technology solutions. The alternatives of particular interest are: - Ethanol from Lignocellulose - Synthetic Fuels via Biomass Gasification - Biofuels via Biomass Pyrolysis - Biofuels from Farmed Algae Presentations can address individual biofuel production technologies; as well as analyses of the overall environmental footprint of particular approaches - a "Fields to Wheels" analysis which would consider scale, impact on greenhouse gas emissions, land and water resource utilization, sustainability, impact on biodiversity, and short and long term environmental impacts.



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