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Composites I


Yoonessi, M., OAI at NASA Glenn Research Center


Stretz, H. A., Tennessee Technological University

The challenge to create composite and nanocomposites with defined and reproducible properties is the limitation of our understanding and control of the continuous phase and the discontinuous phase properties in the nanoscale regime, interfacial characteristics (chemical interactions with matrix, adhesion, and dynamics), and spatial arrangements of the dispersed phase(s) (short range and long range three dimensional arrangements). This session invites exciting and novel exploration is the area of composites and nanocomposite including 1) synthesis and chemistry, 2) mechanics and nanomechanics, 3) transport processes in the nanoscale regime, 4) structure-properties and processing induced structures, and 5) novel processing methods and utilizations. Areas of interest include, but not limited to: polymer nanocomposites responsive to external stimuli (PH, temperature, light and radiations,..), energy applications (fuel cells and batteries,..), shape memory materials, electroactive and artificial muscles, environmental friendly nanostructured materials, drug delivery, functionalized charged particle nanostructured materials, and composite for cancer detection (nanocomposites and nanodevices). This session welcomes leading explorations contributing to the emerging technologies of nanocomposites.



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