(575o) The Comparison of CO Conversion on the Cr-Free Metal Oxide Catalysts for High Temperature Wgsr

Lee, J. Y., Korea University
Lee, K. Y., Korea University
Lee, D. -. W., Korea University
Park, Y., Korea University

WGSR (Water Gas Shift Reaction) is an exothermic reaction and it is typically performed first at HTS (High Temperature Shift) bed, and then at LTS (Low Temperature Shift) bed. In case of HTS, Fe3O4/8 wt.%-Cr2O3 (Fe-Cr) is known to be a commercial catalyst. Cr2O3 prevents thermal sintering of magnetite crystallites. Therefore, a structural stabilizer is added to commercial catalyst for the removal of CO in HTS. However, the aged commercial catalysts usually contain about 1 wt.% of Cr6+, which is toxic to human organisms. So, it is necessary to find out Cr-free catalyst for high temperature WGSR. In this study, Cr-free metal oxide catalysts were prepared by coprecipitation method. And the catalytic activity test of these for HTS of fuel processor using LPG and/or LNG was performed in a fixed-bed flow reactor at temperature range from 325 to 450°C.