(493c) Nanoscale Catalysts In Cell-Like Microcapsules | AIChE

(493c) Nanoscale Catalysts In Cell-Like Microcapsules


Ma, G. - Presenter, National Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering

A cell-like microcapsules containing nanoscale catalysts were constructed by combining nano-technology and micro-encapsulation method. The enzyme was first immobilized on a nano-particle, which was further encapsulated in a cell-like microcapsule. The cell-like microcapsule possess large internal cavity and porous wall. The nano-porous wall allowed the substrate and the product to pass through the wall freely. Nano-particles contributed to maintain the enzyme stability, and could move freely in the inside of the microcapsule. Furthermore, the high mechanical strength of microcapsules would allow it to be used in chromatographic column, as well as in a reactor, compared with conventional gel microcapsules. We have demonstrated that it could be a promising strategy to achieve more practical bio-transformations