(493b) Micellar Immobilization for Bioelectrocatalysis | AIChE

(493b) Micellar Immobilization for Bioelectrocatalysis


Minteer, S. D. - Presenter, Saint Louis University

Micelles have been used for decades to improve the lifetime, thermal stability, pH tolerance, and organic solvent tolerance of enzymes. This paper will detail the use of micellar polymers (specifically hydrophobically modified Nafion and hydrophobically modified chitosan) for oxidoreductase enzyme immobilization and stabilization. These oxidoreductase enzymes and their bioelectrocatalysis are of interest in biosensors and biofuel cells. This paper will detail the development and characterization of the micellar polymers, along with the use of these micellar polymers for enzyme immobilization and stabilization at carbon electrode surfaces. Experimental detail will be shown for the use of these enzyme modified electrodes for both sensor applications and biofuel cell applications.