(485f) Multiphase Microfluidic Systems for Creating Structured Materials | AIChE

(485f) Multiphase Microfluidic Systems for Creating Structured Materials


Leng, L. - Presenter, University of Toronto

Microscale segmented flows have been extensively used either by taking advantage of their favorable transport properties, i.e. enhanced mixing and reduced axial dispersion [1-5], or by creating and retaining unique fluid phase distributions. Examples of the latter are the formation of monodisperse particles and foams.

In this talk, we introduce a new strategy that is aimed at assembling structured materials from segmented flow in a massively scaled microfluidic architecture. Manipulating the communication between neighboring flow channels allows the formation of complex fluids (and solids) with either an irregular or the emergence of a regular microstructure. We will particularly focus on tailoring bulk materials with non-isotropic bulk properties.


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