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(399a) Syngas Chemical Looping Process


Kim, H. R. - Presenter, The Ohio State University
Wang, F. - Presenter, The Ohio State University
Fan, L. -. S. - Presenter, The Ohio State University

The Syngas Chemical Looping (SCL) process converts gaseous fuels such as syngas and hydrocarbons into hydrogen while capturing 100% of the CO2 generated. The SCL process simplifies the overall fuel conversion scheme while reducing pollutants in an indirect but highly effective manner. This is achieved via a specially tailored Fe2O3 based composite particle. As a result, hydrogen production cost is substantially reduced. Extensive demonstrations of the SCL process have been carried out under a bench scale (2.5 KWt) unit using coal-derived syngas, natural gas, and other light hydrocarbons as feedstock. Hydrogen with an average purity higher than 99.95% was produced.

In this paper, the SCL process demonstrations are discussed. ASPEN® simulation based on the bench scale demonstration results was used to analyze the SCL process. Process economics for the SCL process is also presented.


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