(340a) Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide on Modified SBA-15 | AIChE

(340a) Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide on Modified SBA-15


Zelenak, V. - Presenter, P.J. Safarik University
Badanicova, M. - Presenter, P.J. Safarik University
Siperstein, F. R. - Presenter, The University of Manchester

Adsorption of carbon dioxide and methane up to 20 bar has been measured in modified SBA materials. Measurements were carried out using a gravimetric equipment (IGA-001 from Hiden-Isochema).

We compare adsorption capacity, selectivity and uptake kinetics for materials that have been grafted with diamine ligands with those obtained through cosynthesis of TEOS with alumina, zirconia and titania.

CO2 adsorption capacity at 20 bar was larger for samples modified with alumina > titania > zirconia > diamine. More importantly, adsorption kinetics was significantly slower for the samples that contained grafted diamines.